A Quick Question

I use record now 4.5 or similar version. I dislike n_ero, it cannot verify for toffee.

I have a dvd disk to write in session mode of thousands of files. Nearly all files have greater than 128chr$ (recordnow max limit is 128). I need a different software that can do a session and leave the disk un-finalised-open. The software i need to be happy to use when recordnow max lets me down. Software that is not a huge download, and has a good track record of being correct and stable all of the time.

was this quick enough, hope a answer is just as quick. :slight_smile:

Personal choice <G> Ashampoo Burning Studio 7. Trial is FREE and the pricing is not bad when they offer a deal. It works with virtually every drive on the market. There are several others, one is from Koyotesoft-worth checking out.

Thanks for your suggestion jc836 i tried that software a while ago it was useless.

I found a sollution to this, used imgburn to make the iso. Then burned the iso with the worlds favourite burning software Record Now Max v4.50. RNMax allow me to burn the iso image as a session, leaving the dvd open. I didn’t see this option in imgburn for session write of iso image.

It would have been nice if winrar could make an iso archive, for a quick sollution. Ability to convert is not the same.