A Quick Question?




Am back after a long time :slight_smile:

I just read the rules @ Bargain Basement. I don’t want to break rules. I had some extra Web Space (from my reseller a/c off course) which I want to sell off/get rid off. I know many fellow members here as I have been a part of this forum since long back.

Will it be proper if I post my offer in the Bargains Basement or anywhere else?

FYI, Web Hosting/Reselling is NOT my business. I had bought it for my personal needs but, I bought more space than I require.

Thanks in Advance.


Darshan Jog.


The bargain basement is meant for interesting deals found on the web, not as a marketplace to offer own products (be it as an individual or as a business).

So, from this perspective, the bargain basement forum cannot be used for the purpose you describe above (but perhaps you will get a response in this thread :wink: )


But what if I were to post his offer as a “great deal”. Would that work?


Well, as I mentioned before Web Hosting/Reselling is not my Business. :slight_smile: If I post my offer here or post a link to a web page having the offer, will I be breaking any rules?


Thanx man :slight_smile:

I hope DA Taxman won’t have a problem with that? I don’t think it is breaking rules as u will be posting the offer not me. :wink:


Just whip together a quick selling page, PM me with it and I’ll post it in the BB.


PMed you just now. Thanx.


No problem mate.


Limits Exsist Only In The Mind And Its Only Extreme The First Time


Wtf? :confused: