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Would someone be able to explain what BP Rec activity 9 occurences.[BP Counter] means? :rolleyes: It comes up after my burns.



BP Rec activity means the number of times that BURN-Proof was activated. BURN-Proof is Plextor’s method of preventing buffer underruns. This technology kicks in when your computer cannot supply the drive with enough data during the recording process. BURN-Proof then pauses the recording process until enough data is available again.

What are the specs of your computer? It could be that your computer is not fast enough to handle the recording speeds you have selected. Have you checked if DMA is enabled for your Plextor drive and your hard disks?

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Thank you for the quick reply… My HDD is at Ultra DMA 5 and the plextor716 is at Ultra DMA 4. A quick spec of my cpu is 3ghz with 512mb ram if that helps.


That should be more than fast enough to handle your burning process. Could you let us know how your system is set-up? Is the Plextor drive attached to its own IDE channel or does it share it with your hard disk or another optical drive? BURN-Proof occurences are not a big problem but normally, with a system like yours, they shouldn’t happen. If you can, during the burn process take a look at your CPU usage and check if there is a process is using a lot of CPU time.


Well the HDD is on primary master with an NEC being the slave. And the Plextor is on secondery master with nothing else connected to that channel.I checked my process and nothing was running except taskmrg and Plextools. Any help will greatly be appreciated. THANKS! :bow:

OH, and no matter what speed I burn the BP kicks in. :eek:


Do you have Intel chipset or AMD with something like Nforce4 drivers ?


It’s a Intel chipset, with ATI Cataliyst drivers for the video card.


Maybe Intel Application Accelerator installed? It causes problems sometimes…



I looked under the Add@remove program but found no Intel Accelarator, is it located somewhere else. Thanks for help guys! :iagree:


Is there someone that can help me please? :confused:


From the FAQ:

Intel Application Accelerator Drivers:

If you’re using the Intel Application Accelerator drivers try uninstalling them. scan80269: Intel Application Accelerator (IAA) software is known to have various compatibility problems, especially with CD/DVD burning software. IAA comes with an Intel-written IDE driver, replacing the Microsoft OS-bundled IDE driver. A full-port IDE driver such as Intel’s can easily have bugs that cause widespread software compatibility issues. Also, since Intel has discontinued development of the non-RAID IAA (their latest IAA RAID Edition is only for Intel RAID on ICH5R, available with 875P & 865 family chipsets, but does not support older chipsets such as 845 family), the only realistic solution to IAA-related problems is to stop using IAA and go back to Microsoft “inbox” IDE drivers. There may be nothing that Plextor can do with PlexTools to help with this issue, as the problem is more likely to be in IAA. http://support.intel.com/support/ch...b/CS-009285.htm (source).

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defrag your HD.


Babywipes, what do you do while burning? That could be the clue to the problem’s solution.

Except the “problem” is not a problem at all. Your discs apparently burn successfully and the BP “error” is of purely informational nature: the software tells you how many times you could have a coaster if the Burn-Proof tech was not active.


Nothing at all, I don’t have anything running beside Plextool. I have done everything you guys recomended and the problem still exist. This is becoming very annoying! I know my pc should handle this with no problem,I have had Lite-on,Nec and some other generic burner that never paused and burned straight through while multi-tasking.