A quick computer question

I’m going to restore my computer to the original factory setting, but I don’t want to lose all my important data, and I don’t have a CD/DVD burner to backup my data. So, I want to move all my important data to partition D instead of partition C. My question is: If I do a system recover, will it only reformat my Partition C, or my whole hard drive?

Hi there!

It’s hard to tell what will happen. Some restore/rescue discs overwrite the whole harddrive, others just the main partition ©. Is your D drive used for storing the image on? If so, it’s very likely that your D drive won’t be overwritten.

What kind of computer do you have? If you can supply us with make and model number, there might be other users with identical or likewise systems that know the answer from experience.

Hi! Dee-ehn.
You’re right! The partition D is use for storing the factory image.
So what you mean is that I should move my important data to Partition D, is it right?

My computer’s brand is Systemax.

just make sure you only restore drive c, not “factory restore”, and put all your important stuff on partition d, however there is a small chance of this getting overwriten to, so put any VERY important data on cd-r/dvd-r as a backup.

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ps. most compainies have there own restore program, all different, but most follow the same basic principul.

I have done that once. In my case the recovery to the factory settings meant the loss of all data. But it is just one case. To be on the save side it is better to back up your data.

As the cost of new HDD is relatively low, why not add a second HDD, and copy all your files to that, then after reformat, you can continue to use the second drive for data storage.