A question

I normally use dvd rebuild with 3 passes for my movies. I know that one pass vbr will be faster but the file size might not be correct. What are the chances of the file size being off?

Also I have heard of RB-Opt and the ability of this program to alter RB’s opv inorder to accurateley predict the file size and get better quality. Should I use this program?

the chances of the size being off will depend on the dvd (since OPV essentially takes a sample of the entire dvd), but the chance should be fairly small (otherwise, OPV wouldn’t be a seriously-considered option).

i’ve heard of RB-Opt but haven’t tried it myself. it can’t hurt for you to give it a try though.

I’ve only ever had 2 dvd’s go oversize using the OPV option. One was 4.39 and the other 4.41gb (this one was actually today :D). I then just used Shrink to downsize them both with absolutely no quality loss at all. Its just another 10min step though.

If it was a full dvd backup, and since RB doesnt compress the menus, I simply set the manual compression of the menus to 60%, set any Unreferenced material to lowest selectable, main movie to no compression and bingo its now undersized.

Nooby, I always use “one pass vbr” with CCE 2.50, and I’ve never had the movie size be to big. However, the first time I ever used DVD Rebuilder I was using CCE 2.67, and that copy was too big. I’m not saying it was 2.67’s fault, but that was my experience. I started using CCE 2.50 after that, thanks to Chickenman’s recommendation, and that’s what I’ve been using since. It is quite a bit faster. I can do a movie (have it ready to burn) in approx an hour and a half, if not less. And the end result is very nice. :iagree:

Question for you Nooby_God (or Chickenman)… if you are backing up a disc that can be ripped (MOVIE ONLY) in DVD Shrink and burned WITHOUT using any compression, would you still use CCE+DVD RB route, or just do the movie only with no compression? Curious what path you would take in that situation. I know it’s just a matter of wanting the whole disc, but just curious what you do.

If the movie only can be ripped via Shrink with NO compression ( its under 4.37gb size) then just burn it to a DVDR, nothing more is needed and the quality is IDENTICAL to the original, just no menus, extras, etc. This what I do for many dvd’s as having a menu is of little use to me really.

If you have CloneDVD 2, then it can rip the main movie only also but keep the menus and if enough room maybe 1 or 2 of the extras. Set output size to DVD+R DL so no compression occurs. If its still to big, then run it through RB. You can also use Shrink and set the compression to Still Image for all the parts you dont want and no compression to parts you do want. Again if to big, run it through RB.

I would do what chicken man said, because the movie looses no quality.

Ok, that’s what I’ve been doing, but I wanted to see if you all were doing it that way. Thanks for the info.

Could you please explain this part about using still image or still pictures for parts you may not want? I want to know when you’d use it or even what it’s purpose is. The help section is shrink doesn’t go into too much detail over this.

Chickenman, I have a movie that in DVD Shrink shows 99%, and I’m lacking like 200KB being small enough to fit on SL DVD. Is there a way I can “knock” that much size off of it? I can’t believe it’s that close. I almost posted a screenshot of it :bigsmile: .

you can use a program like dvdremake, dvdstripper (which is free), or other programs of this type to maybe remove the warnings at the beginning of the disc.

Shink produces a 4.35gb output but default which is a bit smaller than a full dvdr of 4.37gb. I’d just set the compression of Menu, Main, Extras, etc each to No compression and let it rip it. It will still fit to a dvdr.

If there is a section of the DVD you dont really want (like an extra), then just set compression to Still Image and it shrinks it down to a few seconds picture saving HEAPS of dvdr space for the main movie and improving its overall quality.

In DVD Shrink, when I chose Re-Author and drag the movie ONLY over to the left. That is when it shows 99.1% :smiley: . I also unchecked a French 5.1 channel, and the French and Spanish Sub Titles. So I guess I need to shave some off of the main movie itself. Will DVDRemake or DVD Stripper do that?

you can extract the main movie with dvd shrink without compression and then use one of those programs to remove the credits (i don’t think you’d want to remove anything else from a movie).

Credits will be all I’ll remove. Thanks for your help.

@[H]itman, you can use DVDShrink to cut the credits if you use reauthor mode ;). Click the start/end icon or right click the tTitle after you have dragged it across

Sweet!! I will give that a try. Thanks.