A Question related to Win X HD Converter




I have downloaded a copy of Win X HD Conveter. I have to convert a 4K ts video into mp4 which would otherwise not run on my Dell i3 laptop.
I know all the stuff related to conversion in the software. But the problem is that the interface is not showing the option to select an AMD Radeon Graphics card which comes with my laptop pre-installed. I want the software to use this card. The laptop has an Intel HD graphics card also installed. I have added the converter exe to my Radeon Switchable Graphics interface. As I cannot select AMD Radeon in the interface of the software so my question is " Will the software would be using my graphics card even then" My other question is " Is it alright to use any either Intel HD or AMD Radeon as Intel appears as an option in the converter software interface?

Any help will be appreciated.[/B]


@ the moment, choice is limited to either Nvidia’s Cuda or Intel’s QuickSync to speedup your encodings…as there’s no GPU acceleration support for AMD/ATI cards…
So,in your case,you have to use QuickSync for speedy conversions.

Edit :

I just checked,the videoconverter,kindly provided by WonderFox in their Thanksgiving giveaway,does support AMD/ATI GPU acceleration…:iagree: