A question regarding hdd problem



A while back I was given a new to me motherboard to use in my backup machine, I installed it and made sure all of the jumpers were correct and fired it up. I immediately realized that I had problems with the OS, and every time I restarted the computer the problems became worse. It eventually got to the point that all I would get was a blank blue screen. I wiped the hdd and reinstalled the OS and I had no more problems.

A friend explained that what had happened was that the hdd was confused seeing the drivers used with the new motherboard. This explanation didn’t really help me to understand what actually occurred, can someone here explain this for me?


Your hard disk with an existing OS has drivers for the mainboard and components of the original system it was installed on. If you change the mainboard, most of these drivers will be the wrong ones. The OS detects all the new components (the mobo’s chipset, audiochip, videochip, etc…) and will try to install new drivers for these (plug-and-play), but in many cases will not succeed in doing so. It is too big a shock for the OS to recover from :frowning: .


I have another associated question, if I take a hdd out of a failed computer (the hdd would not be part of the failure) and install it as a slave drive in another computer would I be able to retrieve data from it, or would it create problems?


uninstall the old drivers,chipset/graphics/sound etc. Then clean with driver cleaner, install new drivers


You would be able to retrieve the data.

I think you could actually salvage the OS installation with the installed programs etc. Instead of doing a clean install of XP on the new computer, you can do a “repair” install. I could be wrong but I think I’ve done that myself.