A question posed to the Technophiles

I have been tearing my hair out for several months now with an audio cd burning problem I have. I originally posted the problem on this site and thought I had solved it by using ‘Burnatonce’, and setting the option to burn using ASPI rather than SPTI (I use XP Pro SP2). Now that solution has turned into a big pile of…well you know what!

My problem is this…when burning audio cd’s I get a static-like crackle starting on the first track and getting gradually worse until the last few tracks are unplayable. These are the things I have tried:

  • Reinstall ASPI layer using FroggyASPI, Adaptec 4.60, 4.70 and 4.71 ASPI, and finally ForceASPI…No Luck!
  • Tried several different burning programs, such as Nero 6, Nero 7, Burnatonce and Feurio…No Luck!
  • Tried different media, from cheap and nasty to specialist audio cd-r’s…No Luck!
  • Freed up plenty of HDD space (inexcess of 15Gb)…No Luck!
  • Defragged the HDD…No Luck!

Then this morning I discovered something…I get a perfect burn using Burnatonce (using SPTI)…BUT, only after a fresh reboot. If I try to burn more than one disk then the second one has the crackle all through it. Now, if I reboot and burn again it works perfectly.

Pleeeeaaaasssseeee, does anyone have an opinion on this…any idea would be appreciated? :slight_smile:

I am really not an audio expert, but I know for sure that some drives using caches when rippind creates this problem. So I think your problem is not coming during the burn process but during the rip process. And your drive is not correcting it during the burn process!!!
BTW what drive are you using???
You need a good (but simple) audio ripper software such as audiograbber or cdex (google for it), then you can burn the ripped audio with nero.
You absolutly don’t need the ASPI layer!!!
good luck.

What brand and model of motherboard do you have. It could be a corrupt or bad IDE controller install. Just a thought.

What brand and model optical drive do you have?

Sorry Guys, I should have posted what my optical drive is…

First off, I have a HP ZX5000 Notebook P4 3Ghz w/HT, 60Gb HDD (7200 RPM), 512 RAM, Toshiba SD-R2512 DVD-ROM/CDRW Combo Drive (x24).

This may or may not help, but I have noticed on the burnt disk surface that the bad ones do not have a distinct difference between the area where the data has been burnt to and the rest of the disk. The good disks have a very distinct area.

So, anyone have any other suggestions I might try? This is getting pretty frustrating. Thanks.

Do you notice any difference in burn quality between when you’re running off of the battery and when you have the laptop plugged into a wall socket?

I’m thinking that maybe the laptop’s burner is just not very good. I suggest you shop for a USB CD drive if you really need to burn audio from that laptop.

I seemed to have solved the problem today…I simply updated my burners firmware. I also performed my test burns on different media, closed all virus checkers and firewalls, disconnected from the Internet and closed any unnecessary background tasks. I also monitored the CPU usuage during the test burns and found that it only consumes 1-3% of the CPU.

I mainly believe the update of the firmware fixed the problem though.