A question on the Italian forum

Hi Domin8tor :slight_smile:

I desired if possible an explanation.
In the Italian forum, our forum, an enormous confusion reigns still.

We now discuss on the threads that are “off topic”; also the moderators seem in disagreement among them.

I believe that if the posts off topics are not offensive, if they don’t speak of politics, etc. etc. ,can be also approved.

It often concerns only jokes and humorous stories
Because to cancel them?

Our forum calls “Italian chat”, and not “Hardware & Software forum”
You, does thing think of it?

I think that it is important to recreate a place where pleasant to be is and where tensions is not always…

V. :slight_smile:

Why can’t you Italians just behave and post all that nonsense and off topic crap in one post.

We had such thread in the Dutch forum, seen it in the international forum (quest for longest thread), so why can’t you Italians behave and do the same?

All I can see there is a lot of stuff that is very close to flaming or illegality. You cause our mod and admin crew a lot of work trying to get the forum up and running (judging from the mood certain people are in they are not very keen on having it stay open, but you have a few powerful people who are still insisting to give it a try).

This is not directed to you personally, but a generalisation of all Italians in the Italian forum, and I do realise that not all Italians are like this, but there are a few who behave like this making the whole Italian section look bad…and that’s a shame.

Hi Smart@$$, thanks for your answer.

I hope to have understood what you have said.
I believe that you are right; I have frequented the international forum and I believe that he is better than that Italian. The international forum is more technician and more serious.

I would like however to remember you that the whole Italian forum is assembled in an only section that calls “Italian chat”.
The term “chat” it makes to think to non specialistic matters.

Then I believe, that if these matters are not illegal, they can be essays.
To create an alone thread with all the posts off topic is only an organizational fact.

I regret the forum of 1999 and 2000 year, when everything was more serious and the computer matters almost all.
Unfortunately in this moment in our forum there is no harmony and I am sorry a lot it; threads (legal) off topic could help to recreate the correct climate.

A last thing.
In our forum it is a lot of time that illegal matters are not treated; I believe that from this point of view the Italian forum is lined up with the general policy. Unfortunately our principal problem is the politic. There are some users that don’t succeed in abdicating their polemics. The political posts must justly be cancel.
I invite you to reconsider your negative ideas on our forum however.
We am not bad children.

V. :slight_smile:

It has only been several weeks now since the Italian forum had troubles. Now show us first if you can all behave properly for several months, and then, we can start thinking about expanding it, but no promises…

…as you want…
For me there are no problems; it was only an useful suggestion…

Thanks also for the fact what you want there to think :wink: