A question on pi/po error testing!

Up untill now i have always used plextools and my plextor px-712a for pi/po error testing, but after getting my new philips 1640p my girlfriend forced me to get rid of 1 of my drives for some crimbo money!(i would have kept both but shes a bitch some times!) :a . So as it was my new drive i kept the philips and sold the plextor!!
Any way what im really wanting to know is how and what do i use as an error testing program that the philips can use( read disks with) and will the results be on par with what i got from plextools with my plextor!
thank u for any help in advanced! :bow:

thebarraster! :stuck_out_tongue:

You can use the Nero cd\dvd speed tool. If you don’t use Nero as a burning program, you have to install aspi. If Nero is installed, there’s no need to install aspi.
Nero cd\dvd speed tool can be download from here, http://www.cdspeed2000.com/files/NeroCDSpeed_361.zip

One tip, don’t marry your girlfriend “shes a bitch some times” It only get worse. I’m married to one :eek: :bigsmile: :confused: :rolleyes:

Damn…Good plextors are hard to come by. Should have kept the drive and told the Girlfriend to like it or take a hike. Good girlfriends are a lot easier to find!!!

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Oh to answer your question …Cd Speed test work real good with the 1620. Drop over to the benq forum and have a look around.

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I would actually trade any drive I owned for a good girlfriend. Wait a few years guys; maybe you will too.

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What was the question anyway. Oh, the girlfriend that forced you to sell your own property for money, so you need a scanning solution?

http://www.cdspeed2000.com and download “cd/dvd speed” software

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Hell…I guess I was the one that was lost. I just hit new posts and didn’t look to see what forum it was in, seen the guy had 2 post and thought it was probably the newbie forum. Figgered if it was the Benq forum he would had the answer.
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thebarraster, take the 712a back … explain to your gf that 712a burns faster then benq @12x (sometime 16x), and rip faster… so less time with comp and more time with her. :smiley:

Yes, the Plextor to read, the BenQ to write. That would be much faster!! By all means keep both drives.

Sadly i couldnt keep both drives so i kept the 1 that i was getting better error results from in plextools(the philips blow the plextor away error wise). So will my philips be good enough to keep testing my disks with?

thebarraster: Yes… why not :slight_smile:

“Ivan, where’s the guy with only 2 posts?”
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