A Question on Back-Up Quality

This is probably a dumb question, but I’m curious. Are all “backup” programs created equal with regard to artifacting? I backed up a DVD and when I played the finished burn, you knda’notice a little bit of “pixelization” that sort of pulses every so often… almost like its cycling. Pause the picture and you can see strands of hair blowing in the wind.

Maybe I’m just being picky and of course I know that any given backup’s quality is determined by the original length and the size of the DVD you’re using. What I wanted to know was whether Brand X software uses better/worse rendering engines or routines than Brand Y. I hope I’ve explained myself correctly.

DVD Shrink is free, and if you use the Deep Analysis feature, and maybe the other Quality Enhancement thing, you should get really good results.

I’ve still found none better, especially if I can get 80% or above in the compression quality settings. I usually remove all the extra soundtracks I don’t want, menus, etc. and most movies I can get pretty close to 80%, some lower, some higher.

Since it is 100% free, you can test it and evaluate all the features with no cost to you.

Is the Deep Analysis and Quality Enhancement fairly intuitive, or is it a trial an error thing where you actually have to burn multiple copies to find out what you can and can’t do.

Deep Analysis is a simple check box.

Quality Enhancements offers 4 choices:

Maximum Smoothness
Sharp (default)
Maximum Sharpness

I leave it at Sharp. Looks great.

It is about as straight-forward as it gets.

Honestly - grab a copy - it’s free and just over a meg.


Hundreds of thousands of users can’t be wrong. :slight_smile:

The same guy who wrote DVD Shrink wrote Nero Re-Code, by the way. Though he was contracted to do it their way, which is why so many still prefer DVD Shrink.

Just curious… I had installed DVD Shrink and can see it OK, but for some strange reason it tells me that it can’t read the DVD movie in the drive. Does it need support programs of some sort?

I want to make a couple of “roadies” that the kids can watch in the car on our christmas trip on the laptop. If they spill McWhatever on them, I won’t care. Debating whether to try and figure out DVD Shrink’s problems (on my machine) or maybe just spend the money and get CloneDVD2.

Is it a recent DVD release you´re trying to backup? If so, you should know that most recent DVD´s have copy protections and since DVD Shrink is no longer updated, it can´t deal with them. You should try other software first in order to get rid of the copy protection and then use DVD Shrink to fit the movie on the DVD.

OK, so I use DVD Decrypter and park the file on my HDD, and then use Shrink to read the decrypted file and burn directly to the DVD? Would clonedvd2 do this all by itself? Or would you need anydvd installed as well?

If your copying newer movies (backijng up) DVd decrypter is no longer updated it might have a hard time with the newer one’s
I’ve been useing anydvd & clonedvd2 as these two from slysoft are updated to handle the newer protections

Well, I bought the entire SlySoft bundle with his pre-christmas sale but I ran out of time as far as making a backup of Pirates2 for the trip… I think it copied to the HDD but then I got some sort of error reading the HDD file and burning. I’ll give it another shot this week.

Couple of questions:

With this bundle, I should be able to make my backups without the need of any other software?

If it seems as if the movie file (actually two files in the directory VideoTS/AudioTS) is on my HDD, should I be able to use the HDD as the source or should I start from scratch and use the original DVD as the source?

In CloneDVD² is there a way to control quality? What I mean is, can I use DL DVD (if necessary) and copy a movie bit for bit so there’s little or no compression?


You can use DVD DL with CloneDVD2; you will find that opting in the middle of the window at the bottom. Since you bought the entire bundle, you can use CloneCD to do a complete backup using DL media (if needed) as long as you have AnyDVD running in the background.