A question for the ND-3500A

Can I use liggy’s, Herries or mad dogs firmware on my ND-3500A? I’m nto sure of the difference is between teh two

Since the ND-3500A probably won’t answer you (LOL) ,I’ll try.

I just got this burner and i used the Liggys. No one can tell you which one is for you. You need ot read around this forum,especially the stickies that compare the firmwares and see which one has the features you want.


Well I like mad dogs latest that removes the speed lock and etc, but yet again I like Liggy’s because I think he/she adds media compatability to the firmware.

I don’t know LOL.

I´m using Herries 2.17 with good results.
Riplock removed and rpc1. Enable autobitsetting with WinBtype tool and you are well suited for all kind of media. :wink:

Liggy´s firmware is still “experimental”, so your milage may vary.


Totally agree with pinto2-

No worries here with 2.17 (thanks again Herrie)


also agree with pinto and bigmike7–i use herries 2.17 and it works for me! :cool: