A question for the experts(Nero file tweaking)

Hello good people, I have a question:

I have a CD which has a data track and several audio tracks. To burn it I made a mixed mode CD, and saved the compilation as “mixmode1.nrm”, this is all good, but now if I load the nrm file it will search for the files and mp3’s in the directory which I used to burn the files from.

What I want is to make nero look for the files in the dir where the nrm file currently is.

I used to burn the data from H:\MyCD\Data*.*
And the tracks from H:\MyCD\Track01.mp3

but now the files are in folder C:\CD1\Data*.* and C:\CD1\TrackXX.mp3…
I want to put the file mixmode1.nrm in folder: C:\CD1\ and double click it from there.

I tried using a hex editor to remove all instances of “H:\MyCD” (for example) but to no avail.

I will greatly appreciate any enlightment!

Wouldn’t it be easier to make a new nrm file?

Yes, it would be much easier, however, that was only an example, what I really want to do, is put the files on a web site, and let people download the data+tracks+nrm file, then they will extract the zip file, double click the nrm file, and burn.

Any ideas?

Why not burn the compilation as an image (.nrg)? Compress it and put that zip-file on your web-site for others to download.