A question for the Cdfreaks family

I have an LG LDA-831 DvD Player it is one of very few dvd players on the market today that will up-convert to 1080p (1920 X 1080) via the component out.

My question for you is,

All original dvd’s when played in the player will up-convert to 1080p, but when the originals are cloned and backed up they will only up-convert to 1080i when played. Is there something being removed when the copy protection is, that is not allowing it to up-convert to 1080p?

There is no problems with the audio at 1080p just no picture.

It does not matter which combination of software you use, the results are the same.

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Hmm, interesting problem. Are you using DVD+R, and if you are, then are they booktyped to DVD-ROM?

Yes, Using Verbatim DvD+R DL ( MKM 001 ) booktyped to DvD-Rom. I primarily use DL . It’s not to often that I will use a single layer for movie backups.

I just noticed this and it kind of bugs me, got to know why. I can up-convert on the fly from 480i to 1080p with this DvD player. Like I said no issues with originals up-converting to 1080p it’s just the backups only will do 1080i. I am curious if there is something being altered in DvD structure when the backup is being made to the HD before I burn them to disk or if there something else present in the pressed disk structure that is not in burned disk that the dvd player picks up on to enable the up-convert to 1080p.

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Have you tried Nero? In another discussion there seems to be a problem with a newer Samsung player refusing to play discs burned with CloneDVD or ImgBurn. Nero works in all cases. Wonder if this may be similar issue?

Also, have you tried to up-convert a movie on a single layer disc? What about DVD-R?

Yes, you get the same results with Nero.

I have used DvD-R,DvD+R and DvD+R DL. The plus media booktype to DvD-Rom. Used Verbatim only. There is no issue being able to play anything, just the up-convert to 1080p on a burn’t disk will not work. I was hoping made I would get a response from Fengtao or Slysoft or LIGHTNING UK! since they understand the structure aspects of the DVD.

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I have the same problem as platinumsword with my backup verbatim dvd’s. It will play in 1080i and not 1080p on my LG DN898 standalone dvd player. Any possible fixes or reasons why this happens would be greatly appreciated.

This is purely a guess on my part, but I’m going to assume that the player reads the media type of the disc, and not the book type, and if it detects recordable media, it’ll automatically limit the output to 1080i. This may be some type of anti-piracy measure.

thanks AZImmortal for the reply.