A Question for other Canadians



What kind of prices are you guys finding for DVD-R media and where are you finding it? The best I can do here (Regina, SK) is $50 for 50 discs from BestBuy. Are you finding anything better? I’m on the lookout for discs made in JAPAN…Preferably Maxell or Fuji…Should I hold out for a sale at Bestbuy, or is $50 about as low as it goes?
Sorry. I know these are Newbie questions, but I’m just getting into things.


I’m a newbie myself - just bought and installed my BenQ 1620 yesterday. Check this website: www.ncix.com. I bought a 50 pk Ritek DVD-R 8X for $32.90. It’s kind of funny but their 4X is actually more expensive. They ship anywhere in Canada and USA.

Burnt 4 movies so far - no coasters yet!


I get my stuff at www.blankmedia.ca, and $1/pc is what I pay for high end media.


I forgot to mention a couple of other things about www.ncix.com:

  • the sales guy told me they may be having a sale next week on the Riteks.
  • they don’t post their sale prices on their main pages - you have to display the weekly specials page (very annoying).


ya thats the best place i have found. the give you media codes and will let you try samples also, plus they have a good selection of dvd cases as well.


futureshop.ca benq 4x 200 packs are still on sale for like 60 bux I think? The discs are not too bad, but blankmedia.ca does seem to be the best for getting good prices all the time


Yeah, I saw the Benqs on sale, but I’ve heard some dubious stuff about their quality…I guess even if 50% turned out to be coasters, it would still be a good price at 200 for $60, but I’d rather not mess around with bad media…

I did, however, check out blankmedia.ca, and I’m happy to say that I just bought 50 Taiyo Yuden’s for $52 including tax and shipping…Thanks for the tip! They kick ass!


Hi, I bought some BenQ dvd media from futureshop, the one that’s on sale for 59.99 for 200 pcs. Oh, by the way it’s advertised as 4x media but when you go to the store they are selling the 8X media for the same price too. Well, I initially bought the +R media and it turned out it was made by Daxon (daxon az2), this is the worst media ever, I got horrible scans burning this media at 8x and 12x, not only that but I noticed visible blochtches on the burned side of the disc, they seem to show up after the disc is burned. I returned the 200 pack and got a full refund. Then a few days later I couldn’t resist because the price is so good and I thought I give the -R media a try. So, I bought a 200 pack of 8X-R benq media. The code for this is media is FUJIFILM03, I burned this media in both my BenQ 1620 and NEC 3500 and have been getting superb results. Very low PI errors and failures and it plays back fine in all 3 of my standalone dvd players, I think this is truly good media. So, if you wanta get the BenQ media on sale at Futureshop, get the - media not the +.


Here’s a scan of these BenQ 8X-R media burned at 8X on the BenQ1620 MID FUJIFILM03.


hrmm interesting that you had such troubles with the +R’s. I bought 400 of them and thus far I have had no problems with them at all. The burns are all pretty good, with no coasters at all. Possible you got a bad batch, but at least you were able to return them :slight_smile:

And for the record, those cicero dvd’s and the Mitsumi are the worst media ever. They are Laser’s. Discs will last about a week or so haha


well, i also bought those BenQ dvd+r and they are good media. maybe because i also use a BenQ dvd writer. for the price of 59.99 for 200 you can’t be wrong. but if you want something better wait for the maxell 100 pcs for 49.99. i bought 2 spindles two weeks ago from futureshop and got 2 more rainchecks because they were sold out when i came back. the maxell dvd+r media code was ricohjpnr01 4x. just check every friday on futureshop’s website. btw mitsumi dvd+rw are also on sale now at 6.99 for 5 and media code is infodisc. i already have 20 and they are ok so far…


I really hope that the 100 packs of Maxells go back on sale soon. I missed out on it cause I spent all my cash on the 200 packs of BenQ, which are STILL on sale, if you check the web store. Apparently they are on sale till the end of the month. So if anyone still wants to get in on that awesome deal of 200 dvds for 60 bux, heck I would suggest it. And if any Americans want any, ask some of your Canuck friends to get em, heck 60 bux Cdn is what…40 US? 20 cents a disc.


I too got the FUJIFILM03 with my dvd -r. Can you tell me about your scans with benq 1620. I have B7P9 firmware and when i do a qscan on these disc, it says not recommended at 8X (smart scan and normal TE test) even though there are benq 8X. DOes this happen to you as well???


Hmmm. I bought 3 boxes of BenQ 4x -R with jewel cases at a really good price of $2.99/box at Future Shop. They turned out to be SONY04D1. I just bought my BenQ DW1620, and figured that BenQ would have ensured that any blank disks with their brand name on them would be compatible with their DVD writer. End result - I burned 3 disks in a row, and got 3 coasters in a row. I am returning those disks for a refund tomorrow. In the meantime, I switched back to my trusty RiData disks, and continuing my trouble-free burning.