A Question for Loobster

I’ve started using the Decrypter/MPEG2VCR/DC3 meathod as in your
wonderful guide.
Is there any way to simply retain my Philips 75 generated (5min) chapter
marks (and use of the 5min NEXT jumps) without having to generate
a chapter menu?
Much Thanks

You can’t retain them, however you can recreate them easily. Just import the MPEGs into MF3DC and then do “edit chapter”, set auto chapters at 5 minutes. Then deselect “create chapter menu”. If you can’t find those options then post again and I’ll check where they are (I have MF4DC installed these days!).


Loobster, thanks. I’m awaiting delivery of MF4DC …even as I write this. :slight_smile:


Did you go for the (questionable) advantages of the DC version, or is this still the trial? Just out of interest, in case you think there’s an Aybeecedarian flavour to the query :wink:

I bought the ordinary upgrade to MF4, BTW, for the ease of menu customisation and the excellent DVB-T capture. The whole thing does seem significantly faster, as I think you once observed.

I could tell you why I “went” for DC, but I’d have to shoot you… :wink:


Oh no! Not the re-encoding? LOL! Hey, Phel, guess what…