A question for Codeking about Benq firmware backup

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With liteon burners it is not possible to flash to a previous version of firmware using official flasher. It is possible only using tools like eeprom utility and omnipatcher.

Referring to this thread, there is no tool to do a backup of benq firmwares.

On this thread pinto2 says that to restore a previous firmware it is sufficient to reflash with official flasher. Is it true also with 1640 firmwares?

I ask this because I want compare between BSHB and BSJB firmwares on discs of the same box, to choose what give me better results.

Finally (sorry if it is a dumb question :doh: ), how many times can I reflash without damage eeprom?

you could just download the BSHB firmware from the benq site and restore to the original using that. right?

You can flash any firmware you want old or new with BenQ’s official flasher.


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BTW, my BenQ 1620 has sustained more than 300 firmware flashes… :cool:

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Just to recap.

1/ You can flash forwards and backward with the 1640 firmware, using the exe flashers or CVTs.
2/ Make sure you re-start your system after a flash.
3/ Don’t be worried if you system hangs while shutting down after a flash. Just hit the reset after it hangs :wink:
4/ When it comes to the number of times you can flash - of all the FLASH chips I know of, the chip with the least amount of flashes can be reflashed 1000 times and the most is 1,000,000 times. So it’s somewhere is the middle of those two figures. But even if it was 1000 times, I think you’re pretty safe :wink:
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