A Question for Chickenman

Hi there, I think if anyone in cyberspace can answer me this Q it will be you, if you would be so kind:

1. I have an Xvid avi that I want to convert to SVCD. I can do this fine with your guide (Divx to SVCD) using DVD2SVCD and CCE etc.

2. The Xvid is PAL 592 x 256 (ie widescreen), with fair size borders.

3. I have a widescreen TV to watch my SVCDs on.

All very nice I hear you say. Well, I have 2 complications:

A. I need to add subtitles while encoding - I have done this (with bicubic resize with forced subs and an edited avisynth script (see below)) and it works EXCEPT the subs appear VERY big and go off the screen to the left, right and down! - Is it just a simple matter of reducing the font size in the subs to solve this problem - or should it be done another way?

B. I found this at doom:

  1. To convert a PAL 2.35:1 (1.85:1) letterboxed DVD to a SVCD that looks like a 1.85:1 (4:3) DVD, make your script look like this:

Crop(90,72,540,432) <= insert this line
SimpleResize(480,576) <= this line depends on the resize method used
AddBorders(0,72,0,72) <= delete this line if present

But be aware, with method 3) and 4) the source gets stretched vertically too (from 432/360 pixels height to 576/480 pixels height) so it is recommended to use the BicubicResize method because the SimpleResize method is not really good in stretching up and the BilinearResize also but still better than the SimpleResize. All in all you also loose some picture information from the sides of the original source and because of the upscaling the picture quality will slightly suffer.

If you want to create a anamorphic SVCD instead of a letterboxed SVCD from your anamorphic DVD sources then use method 3) and 4) instead of method 1) and 2) with your sources. But be aware picture quality will dramatically decrease in this case.

i. I’m no fan of black borders (especially being how I shelled out quite a bit on a widescreen TV) - can (and should) I make the SVCD non-bordered (anamorphic???)?

ii. If the answer to this quesiton is “No” (and i’m interested anyway) is there a way I can be sure that the subs are in the lower black border itself?

NB My original aviscript looked like this:


If you can help out here you get a :bow: :bow: as opposed to just a :bow: :wink:

Originally posted by The Cenobite
If you can help out here you get a :bow: :bow: as opposed to just a :bow: :wink:

Flatery will get you everywhere :bigsmile:

Seriously, there are a number of issues here. I hate black borders also but have learnt to live with them. If you had a DVD of the same movie, it would have black bars top and bottom on your widescreen TV .

To make the AVI into a true 16:9 aspect ratio from the original 1:2.35 AVI, you MUST cut some of the picture off the left and right side of the picture. Since there is now less picture to convert, the quality drops even further and can be to the point that you say, “Why did I do this!”

Your quote from Doom9 is similar to what I have in my DVD to SVCD tutorial.

To encode this AVI to SVCD in its current aspect ratio, your avisymth script should read :-


Use the formula at the bottom of the avi 2 svcd tute to do the above calculations (I cheat as I have a spreadsheet to do it for me!)

But if you want to make a true 16:9 (but still encoded as 4:3) out of the above PAL AVI by chopping some of the pic from left & right, then edit avisynth script to read :-


As for anamorphic SVCD’s, just stay away from as you cant view them on a normal TV ( I know you have a widescreen) as I’m sure the family, friends or neighbours are going to borrow them one day and they will all be squiched !

Hope thats answered most of your questions.

@ Chickenman

I must have done my original math wrong :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t fancy cutting the movie so I’ll go with the 1st option and let you know how it turns out.

@ Everyone Else

Can anyone help out with the subs issue?

The height of 311 you calculated was 1/2 right, you just forgot to multiply it by 59/54.

As for the Subs, yes just change the Folt size in DVD2SVCD, leave the positioning alone, just change the font size.

I tried those settings Chickenman and the film looked great. Only problem is the subs still went off the sides on the longer lines of dialogue.

I took the font from 26pt to 10pt and this still happened - the font at 10pt was as small as could be comfortably readable so I can’t take them any smaller.

Perhaps a workaround would be too add the subs in a preliminary encode without resizing etc? Would they still be readable on a second re-size encode?

I think I might lose a little quality that way (but I think I’m willing to put up with that after 5 coasters!).

How would I go about doing the above - or would you suggest a different way?

As always, any help you can spare is greatly apprecated man.

Sorry but Subtitles is not one of my normal things I do so of only a small help to you really. But is sounds like the long lines should actually be in 2 lines, like as if it needs word wrap turned on somewhere. If the Subs are in plain text format, can the file be edited?

use the new version of dvd2svcd 1.1.3 b 2 because it lets you change the font size and type. the aligment of the subs it could be done in the Subtitles screen. The Ext. Y-Pos = 420 came good for me for a ntsc. for a pal i think 460 or 450 its good, so its not to lowdown.

remember the dvd player and the tv have a safe zone. also for avoid a long sub line use DST or any sub edit and split the line into two by adding a “|” (w/o the quotes) between the words. i.e: Hello world, I’m testing|two lines subs i wish ive helped even when i have not readed the whole problem.