A question about Xbox DVDs in bad shape

Hello everyone!

I’m new here and I’ve tried to search for solutions and I couldn’t find anything of the sort (or maybe I did not search using the right words).

I have a few Xbox 360 games, some of which are in a bad shape (kind of work half the time I try), 4 in total. I asked my friend, which also has an xbox, and he suggested to burn a copy using a specific “overburner” drive, but then I would have to modify my xbox to play the backup. I don’t think that’s the optimal solution, because I play on live and I really would not like to be banned.

For now I am playing from the Xbox HDD not to scratch the disks even more, but that’s a temporary solution. Has anyone gone through this?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ps. I also have lots of DVD disks that I would like to backup (mostly pictures and videos) because they’re family records that I would like to keep for as long as I can. Searching on the forums I came to the conclusion that Verbatim is the best media, but I can’t find any. The only ones I found were $0.20 cents per media, and are written in spanish. I’m not too sure about them. Does anyone has any other suggestion?

I don’t have any help for the Xbox part, but for blank dvd media we generally recommend Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden (can be found under That’s and JVC brands as well), and Falcon brand discs made by FTI. You said you are in Rio? It may be difficult to find any of the three types in Brazil.

If I had to purchase something else, I’d probably look for HP or Sony brand discs.
I’d avoid Memorex.