A question about verbal attacks?

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Phoenix=For a moment I was going to reply here, but then I realised this was not part of the CDFreaks forum but the local kindergarten, phew saved in the nick of time, fortunately I noticed a few names from the local baby association enrolment like hburrows83 who gets his inside information from dagamer667 during nappy change time.

Fortunately there are the better informed who visit this forum and realise verbal diarrhoea when they see it

When you children grow up and get past wearing short pants let me know, until then I guess we will all have to accept that children will be children and throw them a dummy when they start crying.

I take it they are now allowed depending on who makes them? Just wanted to clarify. I don’t think anyone attacked him on a personal basis, but asked legitimate questions about an update and the lack of the last update. I don’t see him denying the information he used to launch his personal tyrade either

that was 5 hours ago. moderators have lives too. this post will be duped into the moderators forum, so that perhaps the applicable mod will see it.

in the future, the report post button will send an email to all moderators of that particular forum, and increase the reaction time of the staff.

thank you for posting here, though, and not flaming back :smiley:

I may be blind but I did look for that option first, and as of right now I still don’t see a report post option anywhere. Where is it located? thanks.

I believe that the report bad post has been disabled, too many people were notified (forum moderators and all senior admins I recall).

it’s the question mark just above the postreply button

It’s an exclamation mark but the rest is correct :slight_smile:

lol, that’s the word i was looking for :o

quick question as im confused, why is Smart @$$ down as a newbie if hes had 1,100 posts?

Not the first time this question is asked…answer is still the same.
I know him in real life and gave him that custum title, as he deserves it :wink: