A question about VCD copying

I have a samsung CD-RW drive. My problem is when I make a copy of VCD (using nero) it takes a much longer time than a normal Data or audio CD. The reading speed is limited to 8X. How can i copy VCD’s at higher speeds like 48X ( my drive supports this) but i don’t know why it reads VCD at 8X. Can anyone answer my problem?

Playback of vcd’s and dvd’s are usually at a lower speed. This might be happening in Nero

Are these some cd’s that you had for a while? What Im getting at is, Are the cd’s you are using are like 4 x rated or something??

Sometimes when you burn a vcd, you burn it a slower speed to keep the errors from creeping up. This could be why. most of the time when I do mine, they are around 12 to 16x, sometimes I burn them as fast as possible

cdmate has a special setting for copying vcd/svcd. NEver tried it myself though.

Burning and reading vcd on high speeds can lead tot he fact that sound and picture of the pic are not sync anymore