A question about USB-connected GSA-4081B in WinXP



HELP Please bought new PC with windows XP pre installed and an LG 4081B hooked it all up burnt a few DVDS no probs found the wonderful world of the web downloaded a heap of crap viruses the lot had a pre SP1 XP disk handy so i formated the hard drive reinstalled the lot did the two day download from windows update site all up to date now xp will not recognise the Burner can some one save me tryed driver updates in the device settings usb controllers telling me cannot find better driver oh yeah i have it in an external housing connected by usb…???/


No need for drivers in XP. Get rid of viruses first. Install firewall!


done that learnt my lesson there, when i go to “device manager” and “usb controllers” its telling me the port has an “unknown device”


Uninstall port and reboot. If that does not help see for motherboard documentation .This time you could need drivers!


Try hot-plugging the drive a few times. Just as you turn on the power to the drive and it’s initializing. (light flashing)


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Use internal IDE/ATA/DMA connector if there’s a unused one instead of USB for 4081B. Or use IEEE 1394a/b if you also have IEEE 1394a/b controller there. USB 2.0’s not appropriate for 8x DVD writing.