A Question about the Famous DVD-R GAP Issue?



Hey Guys!

I may feel dumb asking this but, with the -R GAP Issue with Lite-On drives I wonder how it is able to squeeze all data successfully on the -R surface even though there is a bigger gap.

I mean under normal circumstances, when a -R is filled to the brim, there must be no space left at the out edge. But, when there is a initial bigger GAP, how come the Data at the end is not LOST ??? :confused:


IIRC from (the time more than two years back) when we had similar problems with Litey 411 drives, this behavior only effects the “lenght” of lead-in section/area of disc.
Thus, this doesn’t effect tha data area of disc, because the main data area starts at sector 196608, so there is a lot of space (on DVD-R’s) for Lite-On drives to “fail”… :slight_smile:

You can consult ECMA-359 for further details.

Looks like this issue has been fixed by Lite-On. Check out at end of this thread.


Hi pinto2,

I am aware that this issue is supposed to be fixed in the new Test Firmwares. Infact I have upgrade mine to it.

This question was just bugging my mind so finally I posted it here.

Thanks for the answer. I understand now.