A question about the deals on deals.cdfreaks.com

I am new to the cdfreaks website and have a question related to deals which appear on the deals.cdfreaks.com

The price given on a deal page is different compared to the price offered by a store.
eg. Logitech`s new MX1000 Laser Mouse for only .99
But when I click on the given link and go to amazon
price is $66.49

Am I missing something here? Is there any mail in rebate.
In general I find that prices on deal.cdfreaks.com are way different than the actual prices…

Will be glad if any one provides more information about this.


I noticed the same thing but never figured it out.

Had the same problem, in fact I clicked onto several items I was interested in purchasing and each item displayed a price that was outrageously greater than the price quoted at the deals forum at cdfreaks.com. Any insight on this problem would be greatly appreciated…

Three Answers: 1)Either the thread is Outdated 2)They lied or 3)if you mean ninety-nine cents is what you expected to pay for the mouse 1)you are either incredibly Stupid! Look under (if a deal sounds to good to be true) or 2) what is probably the Culprit CDFreaks has this stupid bug that strangely they never fixed that eliminates the first part of a price if it has dollars and cents such as ($ 69.99 it will show only .99) Hope that helps the way to fix this is put a space between the Dollar sign.

Thanks jef195, for the explanation given. Most likely its a bug. Hopefully cdfreaks folks fix it soon. I will send an email to site administrator if email address is available.
Will update you guys if I hear from them

That’s what most of the prices seemed like. The dolar amounts were stripped off. It didn’t make sence for so many expensive things to be 99 cents.


Yup - that IS strange…