A question about starforce 3

i am trying to make a playable backup of call of duty 1, which used safedisc 2.9, on my brothers computer.

when mounting and emulating safedisc with daemon tools, the game fails to run, even though the exact same image runs on my computer. i used clone cd to create the image.

he bought a football game (which i hate anf have not installed) which uses starforce 3. LMA Manager 2005. I think sf3 is the reason the backup of cod does not work.

MY QUESTION: if i use a sf3 removal tool to get rid of the sf3 drivers, hopefully allowing cod to be played, will the game that uses starforce still run? if it will not still run, is there a way around this?

thanks in advance for your help, joshd

I think your problem is the image or a blacklist matter. Try to get ur image using alcohol with safedisc profile. AFAIK SF does not interfere with safedisc.
If u remove SF drivers and restart SF protected game, the SF drivers will be reinstalled automatically. So the SF-game works again but only after reinstallation of its SF-drivers.