A question about sound in avi movies

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I have some classical music DVDs and I’d like to create a backup of these.

Of course, the best solution is create an ISO with ImgBurn and then burn the ISO on a DL disc, but I’d like to try an alternative, e.i. making an avi from the original discs.

I’m aware that the video quality of an avi is not the same of the original DVD, but the quality I can obtain with AutoGK is good enough for me.

The most important part in these DVDs for me is the audio.

For the most the DVDs contain both LPCM and DTS 5 channels audio. AutoGK allow me to create an avi with AC3 audio (see the advanced settings screenshot).

My question is about the audio part. I have no idea if the audio is changed in some way by autoGK. Can I assume that both LPCM and DTS audio will be identical to the original even if the video has not the same quality of the original DVD?

If not, there are better alternatives? I know that to improve slightly the video quality I can use H.264 codec instead of XviD, but again the audio part it the most important for me.

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Have you tried to make an avi with LPCM audio? I’m not sure that is one of the options in AutoGK. In Automatic mode, LPCM is always converted to MP3.

Using it as you have in the screeenshot, (Original) should keep the DTS audio unchanged, but you’ll notice that LPCM is not one of the formats that is included in that setting.

Not yet, I’ll do a test later and report here results :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2305414]…LPCM is not one of the formats that is included in that setting.[/QUOTE]
Indeed, I am still in doubt about LPCM being supported as is with no conversion done :doh:

Just completed a quick test. After saving a short segment of the original DVD with DVD Shrink, I used AutoGK to create the avi.

In the “shrinked” files theoretically the audio part should be untouched, i.e. identical to the original DVD. When I saved the segment, both LPCM and DTS 5 ch audio were selected in DVD Shrink.

When AutoGK completed the conversion, I ran GSpot on the file, and the results are attached here.

If I read correctly, the LPCM track was converted to mp3, and the DTS strem is identical to the original (I hope).

How can I check the avi to determine if the DTS audio stream is identical to the original DVD? And how can I avoid that LPCM strem is compressed to mp3 :Z and left untouched? Is it possible to insert a LPCM audio stream into an avi file?