A question about scrambled dvds



I have a couple of noncommercial dvds, burned by someone else. My two dvd players are befuddled by them. One of the dvd players [Philips] refuses to do anything with the dvds at all. However, the other player [Sony] has a go at them, but produces an astonishing mess. The Sony plays the dvds entirely out of order, jumping around the content, sometimes in slow motion, sometimes in fast forward. The counter on the player sometimes freezes but playback continues, then the counter races forward.

The two computer burners that I have will read the dvds without complaint, but duplicating the dvds produces the same mess on the duplicate dvds. However, I somehow managed to fix the problem by ripping the dvds by copying them from the dvd drive using Windows copy and then by using ImgBurn to build a new image file and burning that to another dvd. The new dvd is entirely fixed and plays correctly on the dvd players.

Now the question is: How could a dvd end up in such a strange condition as the original dvds? And how could it be fixable in such a manner?



writeable optical media will deteriorate with time. Some discs rot faster than others, which is not only a matter of product quality, media lifetime is also influenced by the write process and - very important - environmental conditions, especially light.
Discs are like vampires - they prefer darkness and can’t stand the light :wink:

If you have more discs of that kind, see that you can back up them as long as they can be read by your computer drive.



Wrong file system used on the originals, then corrected by ImgBurn when it recognized that you are burning dvd-video? Just a guess.