A question about Pioneer 109 Firmware

As you know, there are many kinds of firmware are avaliable.

There are the official firmware, for DVR-A09 and 109.

Also, ASUS, Buffalo, Enhanced_XL, MAC, MEDION are avaliable.

Therefore, I’d like to know which is the best.

All I know is this.

A09 version can make the drive quiet.

Buffalo version can make the drive to support Book type change for +R.

However, I do not have any other information about other firmwares.

Please inform me so that I can choose.

Thanks in advance.

You know already everything important about this firmware. If you want to use bittsetting, use Buffallo, if you want higher ripspeed, use A09. You should never use medion firmware, because they are not so goog supportet like original pioneer or buffallo.

Medion are still back at 1.17 - and there have been a ton of improvements since then!

Maybe, but there are more improvements with the latest firmwares after 1.17:
1.40, 1.50, and 1.55.

That’s what I meant…

The unofficial medion owners forum is not soley about “beating up on Medion”, but Medion’s handling of updates is pretty lacklustre.

On the software side, many of the listed updates (by machine serial number) are out of date, or even wrong

Ah, ok. :wink: