A question about my dvd writer

Hey guys thanks for any help I appreciate it!

I have an MDS/MDF file, and I own CompUSA DVD-R 8x Blanks, I loaded the images onto both Alcohol 120% and Nero, I load the image burning wizard on Alcohol 120% and I load the image and everything, it finishes burning 100% complete… Now I load the disk and I get NOTHING, I check in my computer and it looks like its blank, but when I look at the disk itself there is defiently data written to it… I tried burning just the image onto the disk with Nero Using DATA DISK, so that I can try upstairs and I get the same problem. Is it my burner that sucks? Am I doing somthing wrong? Or is my compusa disks that suck? Does anyone have any clue what I should do?

I dont want to mount it or anything using dameon tools I want to burn it onto the dvd-r but nothing works… Thanks for anyhelp guys I appreciate it.


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