A Question about EA Games MOHAA



Anyone got a solution to an irritating problem I am experiencing ?

My son had MOHAA on his PC but removed it some time back (I know he was using a nocd patch).

The problem now AFTER a format C: is:- he wants to reinstal the game but every time he inserts the original disc (not copied) and chooses to instal, a page pops up with 3 options.

Modify / Repair / Remove All

It doesn’t matter what we try all we get is Maintenance Finished … but no installation.

What’s confusing me is this PC (using Xp Pro with NTFS) has had the drive formatted (twice) … Why does the MOHAA installation disc keep seeing a previous installation ? :confused: :confused: :confused:


Did you restore a backup or totally reinstalled your Windows Operating System from scratch? If it’s the first, then probably some EA registry entries could mess up the installation. If MOHAA was installed on another partition, it could also mess up everything. Search all drive letters for \Program Files\Electronic Arts or something like that and wipe them out.

You could use a freeware tool such as Add/Remove Master (url: http://www.freedownloadscenter.com/Utilities/File_Cleanup_Utilities/Add_Remove_Master.html) to deinstall the registry entries if the softwae entry itself is still available, let Windows XP do it itself or fire up regedit. Regclean (see www.technet.com) can also help you.

And don’t mention nocd cracks/patches around this forum, they’re highly illegal and we don’t want the feds on our asses.