A question about DVD stock

So I bought two new types of DVD stock today because the price was so good.

One was dual layer (+R) TDK stock. Does anyone have any experience with it? I’d like to know if it’s going to work with my Plextor 716A before cracking it open and being stuck with it.

Also, I brought Memorex 16x (+R) stock. I had a pack of Verbatim 16x –R stock that had horrible burns ( I think Plextools won’t even burn it at 16x).

Thanks for the input.

The thing is, eds, you can only predict burn quality when using media codes and not manufacturer name. TDK, Maxell, Memorex and others use a variety of different dyes. Some are top of the line and some are bottom feeders.

The DL TDK seems to be Ricoh code, and videohelp.com only has one review, but it’s a good review:


The Memorex 16x seems to be one of four codes:


Of which, only the MCC04 is top quality.

The two Plextor users at videohelp.com seemed to think the Verbatim 16x -R was pretty good.

This thread really belongs in the media forum…


The Memorex is coded RICOHJPN R03 which is not on the list for Memorex according to Videohelp. Since I cracked it open, I’ll burn it and see what kind of disk it produces.

Thank you for the links to that website. Very helpful.