A question about DVD+R Media

I just bought my nec 3500 and to try it out i bougtht 2 DVD+R disks.
One is Fuji and the other Traxdata.
When i ran DVDinfo on the disks both times the result was the same:

Media code/Manufacturer ID RICOHJPNR01

so are the 2 disks excatly the same but with different brands?
i ask this because the FUJI disk was 50% more expensive than the Traxdata.
Any help greatly appreciated.

If they both have RICOHJPNR01, then yes they are the same. Just sold under different Names. Were they both sold as 4X media?

yes they are both sold as 4x Media.
thanks a lot for the info :slight_smile:
now i wont get ripped off

Traxdata with the Ricohjpnr01 mediacode is excelent with a 3500. :iagree:
Here a scan of a 8X burn with 2.17 fw:

Yes it does burn quite well on the NEC 3500 @ 8X :iagree: .

This is RICOHJPNR01 sold as Ritek 4X on NewEgg ($31.00 after rebate for a 100 Spindle!!!).
Burned at 8X on NEC 3500 (Bitsetting Enabled)

wow !!! thats 1 of the best burns i’ve seen. really clean. :bow:

I have an NEC ND-1100A burner sold by DELL with the firmware version 10GE. I read that the 1100 by default burns DVD’s as DVD-Rom, so bitsetting is not needed. I am having trouble using RIDATA DVD+R media with the ID RICOHJPN-R01-002 and playing it in a Panasonic S-35. When burning, it indicates a “successful burn”, but the player has the message that “it cannot read this type disc.” I am told this is good media. Any suggestions on solving this problem? Thanks in advance, WolfpackRon.

Please note, that although the media code is the same for now, there is no guarantee that it will stay that way for ever, especially with the cheaper brands. They are known to shop around for low prices at the producers.

@cmisenko, I believe that is the best scan I’ve ever HAD :D. And I just got a 100 spindle of 8X TY 02, and so far I still haven’t beat that scan :bigsmile:

Where did you get your 100 spindle of 8X TY 02.
And what brand were they?

I would like to try this media.


My TY 8x both - and + giving excellent burns - my best ever-

Used to have problems with +R’s - but not now with the Taiyo Yudens…


@RJB0388, I got a 100 Spindle of FUJI from NewEgg, and luckily it is a “MADE IN JAPAN” spindle of TY 02. You can also goto your local Bestbuy, and if it is 8X Media and says “MADE IN JAPAN”, then it’s TY. Or you can just goto www.rima.com and buy TY from them.

Also check this thread out about finding TY DVD+R at Bestbuy.Also, PAGE 3 of that same thread is where you can read about buying the FUJI at NewEgg.

And if you are looking for TY YUDEN DVD-R media, then check out this thread.

I ordered a 100 ct CB of THIS earlier today at Newegg.
Hopefully it will be made in Japan. I’ve never used this media before, but I’ve heard a lot of good things.

Thanks for all the info.

You should get TY. That’s the exact item I ordered from NewEgg about a week ago, and I got TY. But worst case scenario, you would get RICOHJPNR02 which is pretty nice media. But I’m almost positive you will get TY. Good luck, and post when you get your order.

I received my 100ct CB of the Fuji 8X media today.
It was indeed YUDEN000 T02
I immediately checked them out @8X and @12X on my ND3500(2.17)
I can’t believe the results I got. I’m glad I decided to try this media. This is my new favorite media.
I attached a few test results, both are DVD videos the first one is @ 8X the second @12X
The 8X took 10 min 8 sec.
The 12X took 7 min 14 sec
I wonder how 16X will look?

Like written a lot of times already, NEC ND-3500A + Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R media (YUDEN000T02) = winner combination.

Great scans RJB0388, I have a ton of that media stocked here also. The prices have finally fallen, so they are the media of choice for me now also.

P.S.: I got my hands on some Maxell branded YUDEN000T01s (4x DVD+R), and the quality is excellent also (even at 8x). They were on sale at a local retailer here, just like most other 4x media which is going to be replaced with 8x and faster media soon.

Oh Yeah,
I have a ton of RICOHJPNR01 media also, and that works perfect for me too.
I’m able to burn that with great results @8X. on the 3500, similar to Hitman’s scan above. OK, maybe not that good of results.
But I wanted to try the TY 02 media. I’m very impressed. I believe both these media types are a perfect match for the 3500.

Yes, of course. The RICOHJPNR01 and RICOHJPNR02 discs have the best price / performance ratio as far as DVD+R media is concerned IMHO, which makes them the best choice for people who are not willing to pay more for TY (not that much more now) DVD+R media.

Here is a scan of TY02 media using Nero CD Speed create data disc function.Then checked with Nero disc quality test.
The disc was written @16X on the 3500(2.17)
Check out how the disc only got to about 13X as it was being written. Then it drops to 10.5X and then levels off @8.3X Maybe writing these @16X is asking too much. Although the quality of the disc isn’t really that bad. It just never achieved 16X