A question about DVD lab menus, and dvdremake

Hello, new to the forum, fairly new to dvd burning and authoring… I use DVDshrink, and nero to burn all my dvd’s and they have been flawless so far except for a bad sector here and there on the blank media… Anyway, i bought dvdremake, and really love it due to the fact that it does not leave a still image, color, slideshow, grey screen or anything in the spot that you remove content from. I tried Nere recode2 and a million others and they all left content in that spot when playing the dvd.

My question is: now that I am authroing the dvd’s with dvdremake, I would like to edit the menu’s to reflect the items I am REMOVING, so I need to remake the menus. I have DVD lab, but have not had much luck. What would be a good program for doing this? I know some say DVD-lab, but im not sure how it really works, and not sure what to do with the menu once i complete it… Do I export it as a VOB file and replace the original? Thanks in advance for any help.

Oh yeah, and dvdremake has an export feature which exports a snapshot of the menu in .bmp form, which i can easily edit in photoshop to take out the buttons i dont need etc, but i can figure out how to get my edited version back in… I have used dvdlab to make the menu with this new .bmp but i tried compiling the dvd, and it says i need at least one movie etc… I want just the menu…

Thanks again,
Glenn :slight_smile:

Bump. Glenn’s question didn’t get a response, but I also would like an answer to this one.