A question about converting from NTSC to PAL or PAL to NTSC

Why is there no easy way to do this?
I would have thought by now, there would a “one-click” or similar tool that lets you load in either format and convert to the other format without all the hassle of using many tools to get the job done.

Mabye it isn’t that easy?


Really it’s not so bad, following CM’s tutorial, going from NTSC to PAL is a doddle. Just tick the box. This will make CCE create a PAL framerate mpv file.

I prefer to do the audio transcoding by hand so I just demux the audio in Vdub and re-encode using besweet.

Once you have everything setup it pretty much takes about 2 mins actually sitting clicking, the rest is just waiting for the encoding to be done.

There are some one click solutions but the quality is always crap and you have very little control as to what goes on.

I’ve always wanted to try that, but was thinking I might get the “1 second stutter” effect.
So, you just check the NTSC to PAL button in SVCD2DVD, CCE will create the PAL video. Then you convert the encoded audio in besweet?
Is that all there is to it?

actually the 23.976 NTSC dvd’s (most are in this form now) to 25 fps PAL is easy as monaghan said, but there is still a slight 1sec stutter as you say.

This site might help also on the subject http://www.geocities.com/xesdeeni2001/StandardsConversion/index.html

I feel I need to add that when I encoded from ntsc->pal using tmpgenc I used to get the stutter.

However the stutter is pretty much gone (I cannot notice it at all) using CCE and then DVDLab to author. I do all my encodes like this and I’ve never had any complaints about any stutter.

Give it a try and see what your results are like.