A question about cd structure and writer?

hi every body
i wanted to know if there is any part or thing on the cd that is just readable by CD-Writer or just the writer can access there.
if there`s, please explain with full details.
thanks in advance


Im not sure if this is what you want but on all recordable disks called ATIP. This can only be read by CD/DVD writers. It can never be written to or changed because it cannot be reached by a CD/DVD writer. It contains info like manufacturer name, max disk capacity, disk type ect. Alot of protections look for the presence of this info on a disk, because if it exsistes then it is a copied disk. There are a few ATIP ‘hiders’ about (CloneCD, Alcohol 120%) that block the attempts to read the ATIP and return a -ROM result to the copy protection.

If you want more info google CD ATIP.