A Program For Burning MP3's With .Cues

I’ve found that with many of my most recent albums I’ve acquired, they arrive packed with one long mp3 and a .cue sheet with all the times and place on the cd, I’ve tried using programs like Nero and alcohol 120% to burn these to a cd so that I get the proper track lists and splits, but these programs don’t seem to support this type of burning as it always fail, can anyone please point to a program that would help me out? Many thanks!


get exact audio copy

If the CUE contains FILE “name.mp3” WAVE (the nonstandard EAC format) change it to FILE “name.mp3” MP3 to make it compatible with other software such as NERO.

If there are folder names in the file, remove them, there should ONLY be a filename, and the CUE should be in the same directory as the files - it should also work if the files are where they are specified - but that format is not good for anything other than local use.