A Prog Better Than Clonyxxl



I just got this news from Bobby69 : There is a new CD- copy protection detector released. It is in English and is sort of like Clony but apparently better.

It also supports the Blindwrite suite!



looks a lot like clony


the site says it is equal to clony except it also supports blindwrite suite. so i dunno, maybe it is better in some aspects.


hmmm…Savedisk copy protection…never heard of that one :stuck_out_tongue: must be mistype for safesik lol :slight_smile:


I think Savedisk is the german equivalent of safedisc. Clony uses it as well.


> I think Savedisk is the german equivalent of safedisc

Usually it shouldn’t. This is nothing more than a terrible attempt to translate only the second half of the word. It’s similar crap like RAW-Modus or Subkanal…


First my English knowledge is not the best.
That original Hompage for the Scout is www.tccd.de
Rearranges in English he leaves himself under language.
Blindread becomes go so good it.
The Navigator should do English support soon.


was it first called TCCD-scout???

i agree…lol…you English is not that good…you are German??


here’s a screenschot of the english version. sorry, that was the german one above.


i agree…lol…you English is not that good…you are German??


he comes on here and tries and all you can do is take the piss. shame on you, at least he’s trying (only joking!!)
I think it gives character/kinda funny when a foreign person makes mistakes.

keep trying mate

:cool: :cool:


> That original Hompage for

This is not actually “german english” I think.

You can determine “german english” very easy: “the most people”, mixing up “become” and “get”, mixing up “quiet” and “rather”, “like you can see there”, using “since” and “for” interchangably and with present tense (“I do that since 2 years”)…

At least his english is good enough to understand him, and that’s important (IMHO).


tccd is german…i used a german game-copy- database with that name sometimes…
(get it? that is why i asked if he was german)

.and aslong as we understand him…it is ok

just having fun…i live near the german border…i have good contacts with them…

so do not get pissed of with me…people have fun about my bad english too…so what


um…i just posted that english screenshot…so y r u still talking about the german one?


We were not talking about the screenshots…they were fine…thanx

I just asked me if it was a German tool…, so i asked a visitor if he was german… (but you can read that above)

This program excist already for a couple of years…only it’s lay out has changed


The Scout only Start in German, when go to " Sprache "
you can switch him to English.
Be able to tell the small delicacies by the look of you also once please, info-tool etc you can scan empty CDR after size CDRW would delete.


BTW, there would never be a Scout without ClonyXL. As you know, there shoudn’t be a new version of ClonyXL because the author lost his source code. In the past TCCD used ClonyXL. But after that they developed their own scanner. And today the author of ClonyXL changed his mind and developed a new version called ClonyXXL. So, you see, without Clony, no scout. IMHO you should have installed both of them just to make sure that you choose the right settings for a protection).

GreetZ, NTH


of course i also made some english screens :wink:


big one:
(orginal size)



insomina, i already posted english shots.


yes i know …
i only wanted to show that i’ve also the eng. screens on my site.
(you mentioned my site with the german screens :wink: )

the funny url is because my KK hasn’t been finished yet … the files are on the space of my new hoster but the domain isn’t :frowning:



ok…sorry for the confusion