A problem with philips 1640

hi everyone,

i have philips 1625k dvd burner for nearly 1 year. i had no problems until last month. i cannot burn any cd or dvd, would fail at some point.
i tried these :

  • changed software ,first Nero (newest), then Alcohol, failed on both
  • changed media (cd-dvd media tested with different ones, but errors came with different explanations)
  • upgraded firmware to 3.5 (it was 3.4 on original as i remember, i may be wrong)
  • reinstalled windows
  • changed the COMPUTER, installed on another computer but failed there too.

i sent it to philips tech support service and came back with only firmware upgrade (to 3.6) and they said me that it was working.

i tried to burn a few cd/dvd and worked so i thought the problem was gone, it was 1 week ago. but now the problem came again , i cannot burn any cd/dvd. The problem changed now.

The old problem was it would not start to burn, wait for nearly 1 hour but still it would be at between %2-10 at any program. Now the dvd or cd burns successfull until %99 but stays at %99 for so long and sometimes lock the pc sometimes error and fail burning.

I tried to upgrade firmware. it would work for 1 or maybe 2 times but then again would go crazy (fail at any cd/dvd).

Is it possible that the burner is not the problem ,but the problem is in another factor (anything i forgot) because i gave it to philips tech support and they said it was tested ok.

Any advice?

(sorry for my bad english)

try the benq firmware instead