A problem with my MSI



Hi people, Ive got a real annoying problem with my cd writer (MSI MS-8348A) and I have no idea what to do. Basically when i try to burn something it opens the drive and asks me to insert a blank cd, while there is already one in it. In nero, when I go into Recorder > Medium Info, and click refresh etc, it doesnt find anything. So to burn a cd, what I have to do, is put in a burned cd, click refresh, then eject the cd and put in the blank one and then it finds the blank cd and i can burn fine. btw this never happens with cdrw’s, they burn fine for some reason. I tried updating the firmware from MSI and even Optorite but its all the same. So then I thought its my OS, so i reinstalled it, and it still does that. :confused: Im out of ideas and just dont know what else i could do, so if anyone had a same problem or knows anything about this, plz reply, thanks in advance! Alex.

btw Im using win xp w/ sp1 if that makes a diff…



have you checked your device drivers to see if it is set for pio or dma mode? doesnt windows change the settings when you try to read a faulty or scratched cd and the only way to fix it is uninstall the device and reboot and windows will find it again in the correct mode.


Well yes, the secondary IDE channel is set to DMA, is that the only place where you set it up? Right now i was just trying to do some basic stuff like disconnect my other drive etc, but yeah, so far it didnt work… The drive basically just cant see blank cds, except for cdrws, but i guess those arent like really blank, bceause theyve been written to. Anyway thanks for reading the post and replying to it! Any help is appriciated!


if it is set to dma mode. try changing it to PIO mode and see how it goes. also check what the setting for that device is under bios.

how old is the unit? is it still under warranty?


Tried to do what you told me, changed to PIO, restarted, checked PIO value in bios, which is 4, and then when went back into windows sadly found that it still doesnt work…

I bought the drive around 6 month ago, but currently cant find the purchase sheet. But im sure its here somewhere…


Hi again, if I will find the reciept, or not, I will still mosr probably have to replace my writer… Which one should I get? Thanks in advance…


it shouldnt really matter if you have the reciept. it will say on the unit when it was made etc.

the lite on seem to be the most popular these days