A problem with my MSI

Hi people, Ive got a real annoying problem with my cd writer (MSI MS-8348A) and I have no idea what to do. Basically when i try to burn something it opens the drive and asks me to insert a blank cd, while there is already one in it. In nero, when I go into Recorder > Medium Info, and click refresh etc, it doesnt find anything. So to burn a cd, what I have to do, is put in a burned cd, click refresh, then eject the cd and put in the blank one and then it finds the blank cd and i can burn fine. btw this never happens with cdrw’s, they burn fine for some reason. I tried updating the firmware from MSI and even Optorite but its all the same. So then I thought its my OS, so i reinstalled it, and it still does that. :confused: Im out of ideas and just dont know what else i could do, so if anyone had a same problem or knows anything about this, plz reply, thanks in advance! Alex.

i have to suggest you visit msi forum. someone over there will solve your problem.