A problem with DVD X copy Xpress

The DVD’s that I have copied will not read in my dvd rom drive . Do you have any idea why? I am using Memorex double layer 16x DVD drive and DVD X Copy Xpress.

First what for media and burning speed you’ve used? And 2nd i’d recommend another app instead of dvdxcopy like clone dvd or dvddecrypter and dvdshrink.

Thank you rapid fire for trying to help me. I have switched over to dvd shrink and I still get the problem of my computer DVD player ( not my memorex dvd drive ) not being able to play/read the burned DVD’s. I am using Maxell DVD+RW 4.7GB disks. and My memorex is double layer 16x DVD recorder drive. I have no idea what my DVD drive for my computer is … it came with the computer I guess it’s just a generic one but it still reads and plays regular DVD’s

Maybe it needs a firmware update to read your media, to know what for a drive is in you can check this in nero’s cdspeed, otherwise i’d try some other media brands and instead of +RW’s i’d recommend +R’s with booktype setting if your burner supports it. The other thing is when your dvd-rom is an older drive it could be it cannot read rw’s.