A problem With Clone CD

Hi, I am new to the “burning thing.” I just bought clone CD, Any DVD, Clone DVD for my new pc. i was trying to burn files with Clone CD and it would go up to the part where it checks my CD then I would click next then it would say Disk not Erasable… It only let me click OK then it would go back to the main window, I was using HP CD-R 52X max 700mb… can someone please help me?? I tried the search button nothing would come up. Thank You

I have the same problem, bump

[QUOTE=ochappy;2309042]I have the same problem, bump[/QUOTE]
Since the original poster was 3 years ago, maybe you can give us some details on what exactly is happening. What type of files are these, what type of media are you using? How large is the disc is question?