A Preview of our new Secret and Unofficial Posting Rules

Have you ever said to yourself: The official posting rules here at CD Freaks are simply too hard to read, and I get bored before I reach the end. yawn

Well, then you can have a preview of the secret and not-yet offical posting rules that may be introduced here on the forum:

Posting And You… [Alternative Link]

It’s an early preview, but it’s direct and to the point!

Oh, and this is not to be taken seriously. :wink:

Yea I saw this a month ago and thought all forums need this as a tutorial to go with the rules. Very funny when I first saw it. Although there’s no mentioning of DO NOT SPAM! LOL

Many a true word spoken in jest…:bigsmile:

Nope…It’s all these darn posts…I could read the posting rules forever…

I was watching it and it was so hard to keep my attention that I stopped viewing it about halfway because I realized my name wasn’t Billy, so it must not pertain to me…Plus, if I have a question about it, I’ll start a new post with the title of "!!!HELP…HELP…HELP ME…!!! And I’m sure someone will drop what they’re doing and help me…

This either…

Good Nite Billy :bigsmile:

You have those radio waves in your head too?

Currently playing… :cool:

This video is full of stereotypes ! I mean not all internet forum posters say stuff like " You r0xx0rz the one1111111" LOL :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

i think i posted that like when i first joined …in like Jan 2005

It’s amazing what you can find with Search, provided that you know how to conquer the search demons that prevent you from getting more than 500 results per search.

I’m guessing you’re referring to this post your 8th post at CDF.

Do I get a prize for digging it up? :cool:

I’m not sure I want to know what that is…
I think the real problem is people like me. I have been a member for a while and have a lot of worthwhile posts, but I’m not sure I have ever read the forum rules (if they are I do not know what they are). I would think that most would be common logic (dont pick fights, dont post illegal stuff that can get the site in trouble etc). Further though, while I do post worthwhile posts, I also post moronic posts. Case in point. I’m drunk (right now), and I’m posting on cd freaks (actuall just starting to get drunk and just starting to post). I would have some movies from blockbuster to watch but that fell through (long story). I could be working on my computers (they need lots of work), but I’m too lasy.
By the way, icky, icky acc kabob.

They do at the Steam forums.

I still want to know what the rice crispy/cooky wafer is. It looks like it might be delicious , but if it is a shiny cookie???

lol - I’m not surprised about that - but I rarely see this on cdfreaks eventhough it,s called freaks :smiley:

Please sticky it.

it should be requirement to click it before ever signing up

One Mother … One mind :iagree:

haha that was so funny…anyone who is saying that it’s a joke and is not to be taken seriously is crazy…every word of that is the truth.

OMFG that R0xx0red!!!111

Ouch, I’m mortally wounded! :sad:… j/k :smiley:

The part that should not be taken seriously is only that this is a preview of our new and secret posting rules (it’s not, obviously).

The content of the video should be taken humourously and seriously at the same time - no, those are not mutually exclusive.

If I can be serious for just one paragraph, I agree with most of the rules in that video, except the part about posting in an existing thread is always better than creating a new one - I disagree strongly with that rule. They do present it in a very funny way by using a voice from hell to say it, however.

If you agree with this video, reasonsnotrules, aren’t you breaking the principles set forth in your own choice of alias?! :stuck_out_tongue:

OMFG that R0xx0red!!!111
Is that you, Billy?

No :disagree: