A pretty confusing problem

Okay, so, the problem arose when I tried burning a CD a few days ago. Turns out my CD burner wasn’t showing up in Windows, so I went to the Device Manager to take a look. Under my CD drives, I saw the usual Lite-On LTN4865 48x Max as my main CD drive, but then I saw my burner labeled as SAMSUOG!_CE-S/SW!SW-353S!. A yellow exclamation point was next to the device, of course, but the name threw up a red flag, because I doubt there’s a CD burner named like that. So after finding out my drive is a Samsung CD-R/RW SW-252S, I tried updating the drivers from the official website, but the device wasn’t showing up on the installer, and it still had that messed up name under Device Manager. And to top it all off, there was only ONE site on Google that seemed to relate to my problem (which was on these forums, thus why I registered and am posting my problem.)

So the question is, why is my CD burner showing up such a weird name? And why can’t that burner show up anywhere other than Device Manager?

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First thing I would try is swapping out the IDE cable for a new one.

Hmm, really? But the Lite-On drive is still working fine, and I even tried putting the main plug (that’s usually attached to the Lite-On drive) into the Samsung, and it still tries to install the device as that Samsuog thing.

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Strange device names can also be caused by two devices being master/master or slave/slave on the same channel instead of being master/slave, so check the jumper settings on your drives if you have two drives on the same channel, and make sure that one is master and the other is slave (or both are cable-select if your system supports it).

I suspect that (too much) overclocking can also cause problems like this.

Hmm, I’ve never tried overclocking, so I don’t think that’s what caused it.

But how do I check if the CD drives are master or slave, or on the same channel? And what are jumper settings?

Sorry, I’m kind of new to the whole computer-innards deal.

[quote=Hayashi218;1939933]But how do I check if the CD drives are master or slave, or on the same channel? And what are jumper settings?[/quote] Perhaps this will help explain it.

Okay, I just replaced my old IDE cable for a new one, AND set the master and slave settings like Drage suggested.

Still getting SAMSUOG and no CD drive showing up in Explorer. >.<

Then test the drive in another computer to rule simple problems out.