A possible way to make my PS2 to read burned DVD's?

Some of my legally purchased games are about to die and I want to backup them on a DVD-R media using my NEC3520. The only problem is that my PS2 (from the first batches, not slim) can’t read burned discs. I would like to make to do that.

Advices are welcomed.

Thanks in advance.


hdadvance via a memcard exploit. Or a swapmagic. Hdadvance is my favorite, because I like playing my games from a harddrive without the discs at all

get a fliptop, it usually comes with swap discs to do want you want. a good place to start your research-ps2nfo.com. Now remember do this only with games you legally own] :iagree:

With your drive you could try bitsetting dvd+r to dvd-rom also…
btw you will still need a modchip or other boot device in your ps2

if you have a fliptop and the swap disks you don’t need a modchip. sometimes the process of swapping disks gets kind of tiresome, and not all games work (probably 85% so far) but my backups play.

A soldered chip is still your best bet for hassle free playback of backups. To my knowledge there isn’t any way to play backups of DVD9 games with the swap magic setup as of yet. I don’t know about you but not being able to play a backup of GT4 would be enough to make me not half-ass it with the swap method. BTW Toxic finally got around to releasing a patch so that you can burn to D/L media without having issues. Check out ps2newz.net for more info.