A plea for FrontPage media assistance :)

Hi guys (and gals),

I was wondering if you could help me out a bit with the CDF FrontPage media database - maybe submit your favourite/most often used media?

Front page media section

If you can help, I’d be very grateful - and I’ll try to get any submits up as soon as possible after submission.

Thanks in advance :flower:

Edited: in the manufacturer field, just type in the name (e.g Verbatim) and if it’s in the database, it’ll automatically complete the name :wink:

in the manufacturing part there’s not a good selection of media manufacturers.

EDIT, ok, there is OTHER :doh:

Yes, I know. Funny you should say that, I’ve just metioned this to the powers that be, as I know it’s only a limited selection of manufacturers. Maybe using brands instead would be good. :slight_smile:

Thanks for giving this some attention, I’ll keep you posted on what the solution may be. :wink:

i may not have the best review in :bigsmile:

is there a booby prize :flower:

Had to add a description, but otherwise, purrrfect (except there’s no manufacturer). :flower:

So no booby prize, sorry :wink:

i put Verbatim in, could you also add that, love :slight_smile:

LOL weird, it’s come up as no manufacturer…and unfortunately I can’t edit it :sad:

Edit: just a heads-up - the manufacturer not showing (even though it’s been chosen) is a bug, and hopefully someone will fix it soon. :flower:

A quick heads-up - because of the bug with the user submissions for media, I’m closing this thread until further notice.

It will be re-opened when the problem is fixed. Thanks to those who submitted media thus far :flower:

Can you please hold off submitting any media til it’s all fixed. Cheers. :slight_smile:

OK, user submits have been fixed, woohoo!

@BJ and Drage - can I possibly bug you to re-submit you media. pretty please? Thanks :flower:

One small problem remains - to submit, you’ll have to go into the category of media you want to submit, and submit from there - e.g, if you want to submit DVD-R, go into the DVD-R category, then hit submit.

Don’t ask me why, but the submit on the main media page doesn’t seem to be working?

So, anyone that can submit their faves, I’d be eternally grateful (keeps me out of mischief :D).

Maybe want to put a LightScribe category in there. Maybe LabelFlash as well.

Just think those are different enough to be kept separate even though they come in DVD and CD.

Cool idea by the way :slight_smile:

done, but no 8X verbies :stuck_out_tongue:

I hear ya - I’ll mention it :)…at the moment, I’m adding the LS/Labelflash media under whtever type of media it is (DVD+R, CDR, whatever) - but adding Labelflash/Lightscribe in the item title (name) and short description.

@BJ - you can submit whatever speed media you like! :wink:

@Dismembered Ninja - just found your submit, did you select a brand/manufacturer from the drop-down list?

Edit: Nevermind, it appeared when I submitted it to the front page, thanks me dear :wink:

your a great small dancing cat :slight_smile:

Awww :o :slight_smile:

@CJ2 - at the moment, Mediastar isn’t in the database, but I’ll either ask someone to add it, or have a go myself if I can find a URL for them. :slight_smile:

@CJ2 - ignore the above, I was checking last night, and your Mediastar submission has been posted to the media section under TY. :slight_smile:

@Evilboy and hma95 - thanks for your submissions. They’re up. :slight_smile:

(Nice to have some That’s media there!)

Edit: if there are any brands you use that aren’t listed in the database, just let me know here. :slight_smile:

Personally I find the frontpage media thingie very confusing for folks with brands being called manufacturers.

I’m missing the following.

Technology supplier

Because in the current situation I think I probably stick to the database of www.cdr.cz
who does have all the stuff. Downside it’s in czechian. (But getting the data works good enough for me)

When it was manufacturers only, there was a very limited selection, which was causing problems for people wanting to submit media. It was also causing great problems in that it severely limited the amount/kinds of media that could be submitted, both my other members or by me. :slight_smile:

Stamper code and serial can always be submitted as part of the “long description” - if these items are included in a user submission, then I will make sure that info is included :wink:

I will pass your suggestion of fields for serial and stamper code along to the powers-that-be, though - maybe they can do something to accomodate it.

For the folks who it isn’t clear.
Manufacturer - Is the actuall manufacturer
Technology supplier - is the used technology supplier. (most times the MID !)

So for example if we have a verbatim CMC made disc.
Then you would have.
Brand: verbatim
Technology supplier: Mitsubishi
Manufacturer: CMC

I agree with dakhaas - adding fields for serial and stamper code would make this database infinitely more useful :slight_smile: