“Perseus”: This is the new 4K ultra HD signal compression technology that could revolutionize streaming 4K entertainment



So far, the bandwidth needed for streaming 4K UHD content to homes through the internet has been crunched down to the point where a connection of between 15 and 25Mbps (more practically the higher end of this scale) is normally enough to let you watch Netflix 4K episodes of House of Cards in their native resolution.

However, for many internet connections to potential subscribers, even this isn’t enough. The HEVC (H.265) and VP9 compression technologies that crunch 4K UHD video from sources like Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video or YouTube down so that they can be squeezed through these kinds of internet speeds still exclude many users from access to web content.

Link: http://4k.com/news/new-perseus-video-compression-tech-for-4k-streams-6400/



We are in the early stages of 4k compression technology. By the time 4k is widely adopted Internet speed improvements and further advances in compression codecs will probably negate many of the problems that exist today.


This BBC story seems to be the source which gives a demo - Note the date.

Assuming it’s not an April Fool’s, they sure picked bad timing as I couldn’t find any other source dated earlier than April 1st.


NAB 2015 Demos

NAB delegates can see demonstrations at the booths of some V-Nova partners:

[B]Link:[/B] http://nab15.mapyourshow.com/6_0/search.cfm

[B]Hitachi Data Systems (SL3910)[/B] will be showing currently deployed [B]Perseus[/B]-powered Hitachi Data Systems broadcast contribution solutions

[B]Encompass Digital Media (SU3421)[/B] will discuss [B]Perseus[/B]-enabled services from high quality real-time connectivity to OTT distribution

[B]Elber (SU3710)[/B] will be showing currently deployed [B]Perseus[/B]-powered HD and UHD contribution products