A Novice/Newbie Would Be Eternally Grateful

I am struggling so badly here. I have a NEC 6650A drive. I was told that I need to “flash the drive” if I wish to burn DVDs in DVD ROM format. I just want the ability to burn/place/put edited video from Adobe Premier 2.0 on a DVD for easy playback on any DVD player. I was told that I should download Liggy Dee’s BINFLASH. I did. When I click on Flash, a File Open Window asks what firmware I am looking for. I don’t have a clue. Liggy himself told me that I may need another firmware or I may need an application for burning. I have Roxio. And I don’t understand what to do or how to download firmware or even why. Roxio is the application on my computer for burning. NEC 6650A is the D drive. I am so lost. Why is this so difficult? I just want to burn edited video to a DVD so it’ll playback on a DVD player. If someone could guide me, or tell me who to contact… thanks so much.

I think along with binflash you also need to download one of the firmwares for your from their site6650 drive that has bitsetting. Try Liggy’s bitsetting 1.62 firmware from here