A not so common IE8 "hijack"!



Hi myce friends,

there is the common hijack in IE8 we all know (in any IE, I guess even in any browser): You can’t use the back button anymore. At best you can “free” yourself with many very fast clicks. At worst you are held at the current page forever. But I have not that but a different, much deeper problem.

The following occurs on my system (Win764+IE8): The back button suddenly doesn’t work anymore at all! Even not if I restart IE8. I have to reboot! Then it works again but after some time (of not regular length) the problem returns. With the back button going away, the add to favorites and full screen mode buttons die too!

What is this? Could anybody please explain what is going on? The web only seems to know the typical, “simple” hijack issue described at the begining of this post. It really can be ruled out completely that it’s a virus, rootkit etc. The full system re-installation is brand new (about a week) and av was installed, updated and working all the time from the beginning plus no stupid sites surfed on. No infected media inserted plus still av-scanned.