A Nifty Little Gadget

Maybe I just haven’t been very observant but I saw this little 3.5 inch bay
with an ide connector and a 4 pin molex power connector I thought this would be great for a person with multiple burners or hard drives that get swapped around quite a bit. I know I am not the only person out there with a dozen or so
cd/dvd burners so I thought I would post it. I ordered one for myself and I hope it works out for me as good as the ide to USB2 adapter I bought about a month
ago. http://svc.com/ext-idemolex-17.html


The price is right, I’ll say that. I like the idea, although one disadvantage of this device over something that uses USB or Firewire is that you should shut down your computer before plugging in a HD with this.

I am sure if you forgot to power down your computer once while plugging something into the ide port you would never forget again, even if your computer survives it.